Some Paris monuments amazing facts for travellers

eiffel tower

Eiffel Tower


The iron lady was first red due to the anticorrosive mix of linseed oil & iron oxide in the paint. The tower is painted from the first floor to the top every 5 years and in its totality every 10 years. This process takes 18 long months and 60 tons of paint is necessary (4 tons disappear in the atmosphere scattered by the wind). The tower has 3 shades of “bronze barbedienne” – color adopted in 1968 – from the darkest at the bottom to the lightest at the top to ensure the homogeneity of the color in the sky of Paris.

2 steps closer

If you decide to take the stairs to reach the 2nd floor, don’t count the steps, they are numbered. Strangely the stairs of the East pillar has 2 more steps than the stairs of the West pillar (669 & 667).

For Sale!

In 1925, the city of Paris considered a partial demolition of the Eiffel Tower. An international crook, Victor Lustig, took this opportunity to order fake official papers to a forger, contacted the 5 biggest crap merchant of the city and had them believe the tower was for sale. Only one took the bait. André Poisson (French word for “fish”) signed him a check mortgaging his townhouse. When he went to the Eiffel Tower with his ownership titles & discovered the set up, the poor M.Poisson felt so ridiculous he never complained to the authorities.