These conditions has been executed in French. If any translation of this Agreement conflicts with the French version or contains terms in addition to or different from the French version, the French version shall prevail.


By taking charge of the vehicle, the Renter is nominated its keeper, and declares specifically to know and accept in totality all the present clauses and conditions of contract. The Renter understands he has no real claim to the rented vehicle or the provided accessories and that he cannot dispose of them in any way.
By accepting this contract, the Renter declares to be of the right age and to have the appropriate driving licence to drive the vehicles in question.

DOCUMENTS REQUIRED FOR RENTALS & TOURS: Current driving licence (Car or Motorcycle) valid in France

“RIDE’N’SMILE” (henceforth called “Owner”) provides the Renter (henceforth called “Renter”) with the following motorcycles: Piaggio Vespa Sprint 50cc to use exclusively for rentals and the tours organised by RIDE’N’SMILE.

The motorcycle is handed over in perfect condition and working order and must be returned by the Renter to the Owner in the same conditions at the end of the rental period.
The Renter, by signing this contract for the vehicle and accepting the present general conditions, declares that he/she has verified that the motorcycle is in good condition and appropriate for the agreed use. The Renter agrees not to provide false information about himself, his age, address and general conformity to the driving laws, explicitly exempting the Owner from any damaging consequences which might arise from such false declarations. Whoever signs the lease in the name of or on behalf of a third party is jointly liable with them for the execution of the obligations of this rental agreement. Whatever the case, the Renter is responsible for the actions and omissions of anyone who operates the motorcycle.


The Renter agrees:

– To drive the motor vehicle wearing the approved helmet, to use the vehicle, together with the equipment provided, with the utmost care and in compliance with all applicable laws.

– To see to the direct payment of any fines.

– To return the vehicle in good order and in the same conditions as at the beginning of the rental period. Any damage to the motorcycle will be noted at the time of return and the cost of repair due from the Renter will be calculated.

– Not to hand the bike over for use by anyone else, under any circumstances, without the consent of the Owner.

– To never drive or operate the vehicle under the influence of drugs, narcotics, alcohol or intoxicants, or any other substance which may limit his/her judgment or ability to react.

– The Owner reserves the right at his absolute discretion to terminate the participation of any rider that do not meet these obligations.


The Owner cannot be held responsible for any damage incurred as a result of theft, riots, accidents, earthquakes, fires, bad weather, war, terrorism or force majeure and unforeseeable events.


Payments are due before the tour or rental & must be made by cash or credit card.


– All Ride’n’Smile vehicles have a third-Party insurance.

Basic Protection Plan: 2000€
Protection Plus Plan: 1000€
Protection Super Plus Plan: 0€

Basic Protection Plan: Renter pays full retail value of the scooter
Protection Plus Plan: 1500€
Protection Super Plus Plan: 500€

Basic Protection Plan: Complimentary
Protection Plus Plan: +35€
Protection Super Plus Plan: +65€

– The violation of the general conditions of this agreement by the Renter can cancel Ride’n’Smile insurance with the insurance company; in this case the Renter will be responsible for any damage caused to the vehicle or a third party without limit.


At the moment of hire, the holder of the rental agreement will be required to give his credit card for the value of the deposit for the rented motorcycle.

The amount of the deposit is:

Basic Protection Plan: 1000€
Protection Plus Plan: 600€
Protection Super Plus Plan: 300€

– Only credit cards with embossed numbers belonging to the main banking circuits (Visa, MasterCard) will be accepted. The deposit will not be cashed but may be used to cover any expenses relating to loss of keys or documents belonging to the vehicle. The deposit may also be used to cover damages.

– The renter will forfeit part or all of the security deposit if the Vespa damaged or not returned in the condition in which it was at time of collection following this plan: Front bumper (300€), Mirror (50€), headlights (200€), Top Case (250€), Body of the vehicle (100-600€).

– Any money owed will be taken from the security deposit otherwise the ‘hold’ on the deposit will be immediately removed at the end of the tour and the credit card details destroyed.

– The renter is required to provide all assistance required by Ride’n’Smile to enable the completion of any police or insurance forms. Failure to do so leaves the renter liable for any additional costs to Ride’n’Smile.