Some Paris monuments amazing facts for travellers


Louvre Palace

The mummy

Napoléon I brought mummies back from his Egyptian campaign. Princes, generous dead for centuries, an unknown pharaon & the great priest Pentamenou contemporary of Sésostris I. He sent them to the Louvre Museum but the mummies did not appreciate the boat trip and the wet climate of the Seine river banks. They deteriorated and the museum had to get rid of them as of 1827. They were buried in the Jardin de l’Infante, a small garden close to the Petite Galerie facing the Seine river.


August 1944, the 1st armoured division of the Leclerc general was near Paris. People set up barricades & fought the occupying forces. All traces of battles have been erased but you can still find a bullet impact that went through side to side the right lion statue at the entrance of the Louvre School, Denon Aisle, not far from the Lions gate.

The Italian job

August 20, 1911, 3 Italians took advantage of the Sunday rush to hide in a storage room. They waited for the museum to close to steal the most famous painting of all time: “Mona Lisa”. Monday morning, the three accomplice who spent the night in the small storage room went out dressed as workers, the museum being closed for restoration, and left the building. Free.