Some Paris monuments amazing facts for travellers

notre dame paris


The Forest

The cathedral framework nickname is “the forest”. Each beam comes from one single trunk and around 1300 trees were used for the construction. 2/3 are the beams of origin from 300/400 years old oak trees shattered around year 1100.


During the 1935 restoration, workers found inside the cathedral weathercock perched at 96 meters some bones dust. Unidentified this relic was replace by a tin tube that contains a relic from Saint Denis, a relic from Saint Geneviève & a fragment of Christ’s crown of thorns. Those relics provide the cathedral & the city a spiritual lightning rod.


In the south tower ring Emmanuel, a 13 tons giant bell. Each ringing make the belfry swing by 3 centimetres. 8 people were needed to operate the bell. Today an automatic operating system does this work. Its name? “Quasimodo” of course!