OR BLEU is a french humanitarian organisation founded to provide to the primary biological needs of the most underprivileged sections of the population everywhere in the world.


OR BLEU helps everyone without any distinction of origin, sex or religion.


We invest 100% of the donations into our projects & do not take operating expenses.


OR BLEU invests in long term projects for the sustainable development of the communities.


Eau-pération Mali

The main action of the organisation is the “Eau-Pération Mali”. This project helps hundreds of african families each year.
The donations are used to finance wells and give to many people access to drinkable water.
Each year, the organisation fly to Africa to check the work done and share with you the results obtained thank to your generosity.

Days of solidarity

Once a month, the members of the organisation meet for the solidarity day. The purpose of this day is to offer help to people in a precarious situation giving them clothes, meals, hygiene products & the most important, someone they can talk to.

Blood donations

Once every semester, OR BLEU organise a blood donation with the french blood donation foundation.
During the event, the medical teams welcome you to donate your blood, plasma or platelet.
Only 10 min is necessary to donate & maybe save a life.

Where to find us?

Address: 3 rue Commandant Baroche, Le Bourget, France
Phone: +33 6 27 39 68 64
Mail: contact@or-bleu.org
Website: http://www.or-bleu.org/

Follow our actions on Facebook: @OrBleuasso